Cora Stallman: Who’s Who

A list of people mentioned in the Cora Stallman series. This page is in progress.

MainCistern next to Cora's Cottage; 1922; Tribune Co

Cora Stallman: Person around whom all this revolves. Found dead in a farm cistern.

Anna Seaman: Cora’s sister, married to Thomas Seaman. Owns the farm where Cora was living.

Thomas Seaman: Farmer, married to Anna Seaman. Lives on his own farm.


Charles Fletcher: State’s Attorney.

Thomas McNutt: Sheriff.

Ira M. Mulliken: Undertaker.

AC Shriver: Coles County Treasurer.

Frank Shirley: Deputy Sheriff.

Frank Stephen (F.S.) Schilling: Coles County coroner. Also owns a funeral home.


Bessie Bolin: Undertaker’s assistant, nurse, and farm wife. Married to Frank Bolin.

“Boss” (Boston) Lilley: Tenant farmer on Anna’s farm, working for Anna and Thomas.

Edith Lilley: Boss’ wife.

Oscar Seaman: Thomas’ nephew. Married to Eunice Seaman.

Mrs. S.E. (Ida) Thompson: Owner of a grocery/general store in Humboldt, IL. Step-grandmother to Edith Lilley.

Ernest B. Tucker: Editor of the Mattoon Journal-Gazette. Town booster, active in many social and commercial organizations.

Coroner’s Inquest Jury

Frank Bolin
James Grooms
Edgar M. Mulliken
Glenn C. Davis
Andy Tinch
L.W. Elliott

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