Cora Stallman: Diary Excerpts

Screenshot_2019-05-03 5 Aug 1925, Page 1 - The Decatur Herald at Newspapers comPassages from Cora Stallman’s 1924 diary, as published in newspapers. The dot/circle “⊙” symbol was Cora’s hand-drawn code for…?

Oct. 21: [Text similar to Oct. 21, but some Cs replaced with question marks and crosses.]1

Oct 23: Failed in all—clocks tale—failed—failed—failed. Tom burning stocks [stalks]. Rode in new carriage.1

Oct 24: Why not smile—failed—failed—failed. Tom raking stalks. Sup in ris C. Sup da du C. thots C. Mth C. Trth? Qt C swt C: Needs C. Read C.1

Oct 28: Came home late ⊙ Tom finished sewing [sic] wheat.1

Oct 30: Cleaned cistern with Tom.1

Nov 1: Tom X, no ⊙ for a week.2

Early Dec: His face was angry and he gave no pleasant look.2

Dec 12: Row. Waiting for developments.3

Dec 13: Yet in quandary as to fate.3

Dec 14: Great struggle. Anxious to have everything in shape.3

Dec. 15: Unsatisfactory all night.3

Dec. 16: Tom does not come home—still in quandary—tom dloc—Cross.1

Dec 18: Suspense over. No sweetness. Anger in countenance. Great disappointment.3

[1] The Decatur Herald; 5 Aug 1925; Page 2
[2] Chicago Tribune; 5 Aug 1925; Page 5
[3] The Decatur Herald; 4 Aug 1925; Page 1

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